2007 TITAN TORNADO II "S"tretch  

Titan Tornado Stretch

  • Rotax 912S 100HP with JetHot coating on exhaust
  • EFIS Horizon I Glass Panel
  • MicroAir T-2000 Transponder w/Mode C
  • X-COM Transceiver/Intercom w/Music input
  • Internal Wing tanks - 12 gallon baggage area where most others have fuel tank
  • Whelen NAV lights, tail strobe, and alternating (pulse) landing lights
  • Hydraulic toe brakes
  • "Panos Pumper" spring nose gear
  • Titanium rear legs
  • EIS monitors engine data and sends to EFIS
  • Ray Allen stick grips (5 button) and flap position indicator
  • On-board Cameras in tail and wingtip, 7" wide screen LCD for monitoring cameras and recording to camcorder
  • Belly mount luggage pod for even more storage

The stretch will fit tall pilots!  I'm 6'4" 250# and fly from front and back.  Pilot rudder pedals are adjustable for all height captains.  Current configuration requires 200# pilot, but weight is easily added up front for light pilot.  Passenger is at CG so weight change does not affect flight.  Wing tanks improve W&B also compared to standard 15 gallon setup as the tanks are near CG in the wing.